Macintosh Issues

Currently Dream Aquarium will only run on macs with OS version 10.7 or higher. Note that Mac OS Mojave has caused older installers to fail, so we recommend making sure you have the latest download from our site (version 1.293 or higher).

The recommended method of installation is to open the installer .dmg file, hold down the CTRL key, and Click on the "Dream Aquarium.saver" file. A menu should appear. Choose "Open" from the menu. At this point it SHOULD ask if you want to "Install for all users" or "for this user only". We recommend choosing "Install for this user only". The "All Users" option may (in some cases) lead to permissions problems when updating to the full version.

To enter your serial number or reactivate:
Open your "System Preferences" -> "DeskTop & Screen Saver" and, with Dream Aquarium selected as the active screensaver, click the "Screen Saver Options" button. You should see a text field to copy/paste your serial number. If you have already entered your serial number previously on this machine, the button below the text field will say "Reactivate your full version". In this case, just press the "Reactivate ..." button without entering your serial number.

Open your "System Preferences" -> "DeskTop & Screen Saver" and CTRL-click on the Dream Aquarium screensaver icon in the list. A menu will appear which either says "Move to trash" or "Reveal in Finder". If it shows "Move to trash" it means Dream Aquarium is installed "For this user only" and can easily be deleted. If it shows "Reveal in Finder" it means it is current installed "For all users". Select the "Reveal in Finder" option and manually drag the "Dream Aquarium.saver" file into your trashcan. Your system will prompt you for an Administrator password in order to complete the action.

If you just have questions or are still having difficulty, please contact us here.

Additional Info for nerds:
On mac, screensavers can be installed in one of two places, depending on if you choose "Install For All Users" or "Install for this user only".
The "For all users" location is "Macintosh HD/Library/Screen Savers"
The "For this user only" location is "Macintosh HD/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Screen Savers". In this case, note that your "Library" folder is likely hidden, and will have to be unhidden in order to be accessed. If you're having problems installing, we recommend going to these 2 locations and make sure no "Dream Aquarium.saver" files exist.

If you're wondering where your aquarium's settings are stored, they should be in the "Macintosh HD/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/Dream Aquarium" folder. Again, this folder may be hidden. They will be in a file called "settings.txt". You can also access this directory by going to your "Desktop & Screen Saver" preferences, select Dream Aquarium as your active screensaver, click the "screensaver options" button (this will bring you to the page where you enter your serial number) and click the last tab called "Support". There will be a button labelled "Reveal Dream Aquarium support folder".

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